The Computer Boy - Android Thunderbolt & SkypeA few days ago we mentioned several coworkers getting the new Verizon 4G Thunderbolt. Luckily, our local Verizon store was nice enough to help us upgrade an old phone so we could play research and test the phone as well.   So far the phone is worth the upgrade. More reviews on the phone later.

One of the first apps we installed and began to play with was Skype. Cruising over to the Market Place and downloading the App was easy. Discovering video calling is not included with the basic version of Skype was painful.

A little research later and we came across an old favorite – Two articles there caught our eye:

1) Download Skype with Video On Android – This is the new version of Skype designed specifically for the Thunderbolt. After downloading the newer version video magically appeared on our calls. A little bit of lag but video to and from Wi-Fi laptop to 4G phone worked.  All in the land of Thunderbolt was wonderful until…

2) Skype On Android Might Be One Of The Least Secure Apps On The Planet – This article discussed the discovery of a large vulnerability in the Skype for Android Application. The vulnerability not only leaves the user’s personal information open but all of the user’s contacts information as well. “All of your friends’ information, cell phone number, date of birth, etc. etc. can all be exposed without much work by even a novice hacker.”

There is some confusing information in the article as it indicates the Verizon version of Skype is locked down. The final advice from…

Skype is apparently looking into the issue, but for now if you can’t part ways with the app, I’d recommend that you refrain from downloading any odd apps from the market for a couple of days and stick with well-known developers.

One of our staffers figured this really isn’t any different then using Facebook so we left our new version of Skype installed!