The Computer Boy - Speedtest.netAfter playing with our HTC Thunderbolt for a little over a week we are definitely impressed with the speed of this device. A full “hands on” review of the Thunderbolt was written up by and posted here.  Two thumbs up by the way to as being the Go-To site for any and all Android questions.

We were able to install the Android App and perform a few speed tests of our own. The final results were a 4,640 kbps download speed, 1,809 kbps upload speed and 309 ping average over 13 tests. For fun we tried the same test using a Motorola Droid and came up with a 586 kbps down, 411 kpbs up and 340 ping average over 10 tests. The results were not even close. What would take 1 minute to download on the Droid took approximately 7 seconds on the Thunderbolt!

The Thunderbolt does come with its own set of problems though…mainly battery life. We’ll post some power saving tips later but in the mean time you can review a lot of great tips at this article.