If you haven’t bought an iPad yet now is not the time.  As an article posted the other day on Gizmodo points out “You’ve crossed the sucker line, and you’ll feel like a grade-a chump when the next iPad comes out.”

What they are referring to as the sucker line is the point in time where a product is closer to the release date of the next model as opposed to the release date of the current model. Apple is notorious for introducing new models each year at the same time.  Every September a new iPod is released.  Every June millions of people line up to buy the next generation iPhone.   With the iPad having been released in April 2010 combined with all of the rumored upgrades of a 2nd generation iPad already floating around it might be safe for one to think April 2011 will bring the iPad 2.  So now is not the time to go out and buy an iPad 1.

It also leads to a fun side question…with the iPhone 4 coming to Verizon the 2nd week in February, is it wise to spend the money and sign up for a 2 year contract knowing an iPhone 5 should be released in June?   Having the iPhone come to Verizon in February as opposed to the traditional June release throws a nice wrench into everything.  We highly doubt Verizon will stay with the iPhone 4 and let AT&T pull ahead too much with the iPhone 5 in June.  When exactly Verizon catches up is the million dollar question.