camera-iconParents who give their kids iPhones, iPod Touches or iPads may want to strongly consider turning off the camera function of the phone.  Not only does it prevent the youngsters from taking (and sending) inappropriate pictures, it may even save you some money in the sense of FaceTime taking all your monthly bandwidth.  Disabling the camera not only takes the camera icon off your phone, it also prevents third party apps from using it.

Turning off your camera is temporary and done through the use of software settings.  You can always turn it back on later.

1) Open “settings” and go to the “general” option.

2) Go to “restrictions”.   If you haven’t already set a password here, do it now or your kid will just turn the camera back on.

3) Under the allow section, turn the camera to off.

4) That’s it.  Close out of settings and you’re all done.

You’ll notice the camera icon is gone.  In addition the camera option when your phone is locked will be removed.

A more in depth tutorial including screen shots is provided over at OSXDaily. Disable the iPhone Camera & Lock Screen Camera Completely