Last summer I decided to get a little serious about starting a side company. I opened a bank account. Filed some paperwork with the state. Obtained a domain name and began building This past week I made a Facebook page, opened a Twitter account and started looking into other online ideas.

The Facebook account seems to be going well. We gained about 30 “likes” the first week and even got Facebook to let us have the custom address of

This Twitter thing on the other hand is a little bit scary. We’ve never used Twitter before. How does it work? What are the rules? How often is one supposed to “tweet?”

After we tackle this Twitter thing a little more we’ll post some tips and tricks but in the mean time we found a pretty good Twitter Tips and Tricks listing at In addition to a beginner’s guide they have articles related to followers, tools, tips, business, people and news. Check them out for yourself.

TwiTip –