Recently we came across one of the most useful apps for Android phones that we’ve found to date. We already covered the apps we use daily and will definitely be adding this one to the list.

Ben74 over at posted a new application for beta testing called Unlock with WiFi.  The app basically does what it says…it unlocks your phone (and other settings) based on the WiFi signal.

When you come within range of your trusted WiFi signal, your phone can be set to unlock. When you leave the phone will automatically return to its normal settings and lock itself.

Other options include turning the WiFi off when you leave your trusted WiFi signal.   Add turning on the GPS when you leave and obviously turning off the GPS when you get (home) to your trusted WiFi location.

The creator has indicated the beta is valid until April 15th at which time it will be placed on the Android Market.  Android 2.1 is required.

So far we’ve been testing the app for 2 days and are completely in love with this thing.  No more turning on WiFi when we get home, turning off WiFi when we leave, unlocking the phone at home, etc.  Definitely two thumbs up.