TheComputerBoy.comYesterday we posted an article (Why doesn’t delete mean delete?) detailing some of the pitfalls of using email with POP3. POP3 accounts are popular with free email services like Cox, Century Link and other cable providers however fall short when compared to IMAP accounts. Today we’ll show you how to use Gmail’s IMAP capabilities while keeping your existing email address.

The first step is obtaining a Gmail account. You can sign up for a Gmail account by visiting It doesn’t cost anything to sign up or use Gmail.

The second step is forwarding email from your existing email account to your new Gmail account.  We’ll give instructions how to forward Cox Communications email accounts here. You may have to contact your current email provider’s support to determine how to automatically forward incoming mail.

Forward Cox Communications Email Accounts

Login to Cox Webmail. Generally this is found at

1. Turn On Email Forwarding

From the WebMail Inbox window, click Settings.

Result: The Message Settings window displays.

2. Click Forwarding

Result: The Forwarding window displays.

3.Under Forwarding Address, enter the email address(es) to which messages should be sent.

4. Select an option under Forwarding Rules, as shown below.

We suggest selecting the third option and discarding email after it has been forwarded. This will prevent your inbox from filling up and preventing any future email from being forwarded.

5. Click OK

The third step is setting “Send Mail As” settings.

Gmail lets you send messages with other email addresses listed as the sender instead of your Gmail address.  This is the magic behind using your new Gmail account but keeping your old email address. You’ll receive email sent to your old address because it is automatically forwarded AND you’ll be able to send email through your Gmail account and make it appear as if it was sent from the old address.

Send Mail As settings in Gmail

  1. Sign in to your new Gmail account.
  2. Click the gear icon  in the upper-right and select Gmail settings and select the Accounts and Import tab.
  3. Under Send mail as, click Add another email address.
  4. In the ‘Email address’ field, enter your name and current (non-Gmail) email address.
  5. Choose use Gmail’s servers to send your mail.
  6. Click Next Step >> and then click Send Verification. Gmail will send a verification message to your current email address to confirm that you own it.
  7. Open your current account and either click the link in the message Gmail sent or enter the confirmation code in the Accounts section of your Gmail settings

Before leaving the “Send Mail as” settings click on the reply to option:

When replying to a message:
Reply from the same address the message was sent to


This way any message you reply to will be sent as if coming from the email address the message was sent to.  Your friends and family won’t even realize you’re now using Gmail since they’ll continue to send AND RECEIVE email from your old address.

You’re done. You’ve setup a Gmail account to send and receive message from your current email address. You can start using the Gmail account only to manage both email addresses. Tomorrow we’ll show you how to sync mail on your phone, desktop and other locations using IMAP with your new Gmail account.  No more deleting messages in your POP3 account only to have them come back on a different device.