Being “TheComputerBoy” sometimes means having a second job as tech support to friends, family and coworkers. This often results in a computer being delivered in person as diagnosis and repair over the phone is not an easy task. Sitting in front of the keyboard sometimes is the key to figuring out and fixing any problems.

For the past several years we’ve used the services at to remotely control our off-site computers or provide tech support to out of state family. LogMeIn gives you the ability to use any browser (Mac / PC) to remotely control another computer over the internet. You simply log in to your account at and have the ability to control any computer you’ve setup with the LogMeIn software. Your keyboard and mouse controls the remote computer all while the remote computer’s screen is displayed on your local monitor.

An added benefit of the remote control process with LogMeIn is the dual display and control. While you are moving the mouse and controlling the remote computer the user on the other end actually sees the cursor moving around on their screen. The other user can even take control back and move the mouse showing you (displayed on your monitor) what they were doing when the problem occurred.

To remotely control a computer your friend, family or coworker needs to create a account and install the software presented during the account signup. After the account has been setup and software installed on their computer, you will need to log in to their newly created account to gain access to their computer. No software or setup is required on your end unless you are setting up your own computer to be remotely controlled from somewhere else. In a few seconds you will be remotely controlling the other computer and on your way to solving the problem.

The free version of LogMeIn doesn’t allow file sharing, remote printing and some other options. You can purchase the LogMeIn Pro version to gain access to these items or use 3rd party programs to accomplish the same things for free. Previously mentioned Dropbox will sync files between two computers or you can simply use webmail on the remote system and email yourself with the needed file attached.  CutePDF will allow you to save items as PDF files instead of printing them.  The PDF files can then be transferred via Dropbox or email.

We haven’t found a remote controlling process as easy to use as LogMeIn however know several coworkers use TeamViewer.  If you’ve got some experience with another program please add some comments or send us a review and we’ll post it in a new article.

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