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Yes we drank the Kool Aid, took the easy road, whatever, but updating this website just got 100 times easier.  Today we converted from an e107 website to a WordPress website.

The transition couldn’t have been easier.  We created this “new” version in a subdirectory and got it up and running.  Once we were satisfied that most of our content was in the new format we simply moved the old files out and copied the new files in.  Somehow it all worked.  We still have to move over old news articles but that process shouldn’t take too long.

WordPress so far has gotten two big thumbs up.  Everything just seems more refined and user friendly.  e107 was a great start and offers a great CMS however there hasn’t been any updates to the code for several months and they’ve been talking about “version 8” since I started using the program 2 years ago.  You can still access the “old” site at http://www.thecomputerboy.com/e107/

If you are in the market to start your own blog or website I highly recommend trying WordPress.  As a side note WordPress is a one click install available in our Personal and Business Hosting Plans.