A Gravatar is basically an Avatar that can be used on multiple websites.  Ok we already lost some of you, we’ll try to slow this down a little.

Some websites that allow you to create accounts can associate a small image file to your user account…think profile picture.  The image file or profile picture can be described as your account avatar.

Having one avatar is not much of a hassle but you’ll find more and more websites support avatars.  Having to load the same image file to the various sites can be a hassle.  Changing or updating your avatars to be the same on all sites can almost be impossible.

Now back to Gravatars.  Gravatar.com is a website that allows you to store an image file that can be used as an Avatar.  Your Gravatar account and images are associated with your email address.  So as long as you use that email address on websites that support the use of Gravatars your Avatar will be  automatically be displayed.  To update your Avatar on every previous website you’ve ever used before just update your Gravatar account.

You may have seen images like this  before on various websites.  There is a good chance those websites support the use of Gravatar’s and you just don’t have one set up yet.  Head over to Gravatar.com today and sign up for a free account.  Then upload an image file from your computer, a picture from your webcam or even the URL of a picture already on the Internet and you’ll have your Gravatar setup in no time.

UPDATE – Gravatar.com can also be used on sites that aren’t setup to use Gravatar (like e107 sites).  After logging into your Gravatar.com account click on “check this gravatar” to display a website URL to your avatar.  Use this URL as your Avatar and your Gravatar.com Avatar will be displayed.  Update your Gravatar.com settings and the URL is updated automatically.