no_bitcoinBitcoins and services that deal in Bitcoins seem to be becoming more popular…but what exactly are they? More importantly do I need to start looking at purchasing some Bitcoins now?

We originally began writing an article about the history of Bitcoins, how you acquire them, where they are used and so forth but soon found the article much too long to publish.  During some research we also came across a great video that seemed to explain everything we were trying to say in under two minutes. So check out this video.

For the time being we’re not going to worry about Bitcoins or become that involved.  Something that is virtual and has no financial backing is a little scary to us.

Apparently there are a number of businesses that disagree and have begun accepting Bitcoins.  If you want to learn more or even begin using Bitcoins, we found this site helpful.  Lastly, if you are really adventurous and get involved with Bitcoins, send one our way!