www.thecomputerboy.com - Google +1Earlier this month Google released their “+1 button” to website developers. Prior to the release the option was only available on search results. Now you may see +1 buttons showing up on websites, in news articles, and more.

The +1 button is Google’s version of the Facebook “Like” button.  Google describes it as a tool “to publicly show what you like, agree with, or recommend on the web.” Not only will it help you express your “pluses” you will also be able to see what your friends plus. Here is how the button works.

When you are logged into your Google account and come across a +1 button you can click on it.  Before clicking on it the +1 button will look something like this:

www.thecomputerboy.com - Plus One Button

After you click on the +1 button the search result will be displayed like this:

www.thecomputerboy.com - Google +1

Notice the +1 button changed colors to have a blue background and the search result is updated with a “You +1’d this” line at the bottom. If someone who has your Google address listed in their contact list views the same search result they will see line at the bottom indicating “ProfileName +1’d this”.  Here is an example:

www.thecomputerboy.com - Google +1

Google also made a nice YouTube video explaining the +1 button in further detail.

The idea that the search results (web pages) that your friends +1 are likely to be of interest to you so Google will place those sites higher in your search results is an interesting one. Is that really what Google’s intent was when creating the +1 button or are they a little envious of the popularity of Facebook’s Like button? Whether the Google +1 button catches on and becomes popular is still to be seen. In the meantime, log in to your Google account and click the +1 button on our homepage!