glass_logoGoogle Glass is a mini-computer of sorts, released in limited quantities by Google in 2013. “Glass,” as it is often referred to, is worn similar to reading or sun glasses and displays information to the user on an optical head-mounted display.

Syncing with a smart phone or through an available wi-fi connection, Glass gives the user the ability to preview incoming text messages, emails and other alerts that would normally be displayed on their phone. A built in forward-facing digital camera also allows the user to take a picture (by blinking, no less!), record a video, or start a video call while still having their hands free.

Some really creative uses for Glass are being tested by “Glass Explorers” already.  Some of my favorites include Patrick Jackson (a North Carolina firefighter), Roy Choi (a kitchen chef in Los Angeles) and Alex Blaszczuk (a disabled young woman).  Click on their names to see relevant YouTube videos on how they are using Glass.

For Android users who have become familiar with the Google Now functionality in their phones, think of a small display to Google Now always in your line of sight.  Get directions, search Google, receive calendar reminders, take and share photos on Google+ and more…all hands free.


Glass is currently being issued by an invite only system from Google and current Explorers.  I was lucky enough to be invited by Google a few weeks ago and received my pair in the mail this morning.  I will post more details in a few days but my first thought is these are pretty cool.