amazon-googleAmazon recently announced an update to their cloud storage options.  $60 a year gives you unlimited file storage.  If you’re just concerned about storing images, they also have a $12 a year plan for unlimited image storage.

For those that take a lot of digital photographs, I highly suggest to keep a back up of those files in case of disk failure, accidental deletion, theft or other issues that may arise.  Online storage services like Amazon, Google and others offer great backup solutions for this purpose.

1stbdayStoring a backup of your photos online offers several advantages.  We’ll use pictures of a child’s 1st birthday party as an example:

  • Online files are usually accessible from any internet connected device.  If you are visiting Grandma in a different state, you’ll never forget to bring a copy of the birthday party pictures with you.  Several online storage options also have mobile applications making your images available on your phone or tablet at anytime.
  • Sharing online files becomes very easy.  Upload all of the birthday photos you want to share to a folder and then email a link to that folder to your relatives / friends / etc.  If there are any pictures they want printed, they can easily download a copy of the photo and print it themselves.
  • As mentioned before, when your home computer crashes, gets stolen, or is accidentally erased (it happens), you won’t ever have to tell your loved one you lost Junior’s first birthday eating cake photo. Your entire house could burn down and your online images would still be there waiting for you.
  • The previous bullet point will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars when you try to get that crashed hard drive fixed at the local computer repair store.

Personally I haven’t tried the Amazon image service. As an Amazon Prime member, I actually get the service for free but I don’t like the file size restrictions.  Amazon re-sizes your uploaded images to 2048 x 2048.  That file size equates to about a 4.1 megapixel picture.  My camera takes 11 megapixel pictures and I’d rather backup (and be able to restore) the best quality image that I can.

Last year I bought a Chromebook which came with a 1TB subscription of Google Storage for a year.  Without that free subscription, Google charges $1.99 a month for 100GB of storage (actually 115GB since 15GB are free with all accounts). A 1TB plan is $9.99 a month. Google also gives the option to upload / backup your photos are their true size.

Amazon and Google are not the only photo services available.  A simple Google search (kind of ironic) on the topic will give you several options to look into.  Either way, back up your photos people.

Amazon File Storage (3 month free trial) – Amazon

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