The Computer Boy - Windows7A few days ago we posted a Mac vs. Windows comparison chart to show some benefits of each operating system. One thing that really caught our eye in the comparison chart was the market share statistics:

Windows – 92.2%
Mac – 5.1%

On Friday the WindowsTeamBlog posted an update about Windows 7 after the first 18 months of release. Windows 7 has sold more then 350 million licenses in 18 months.

Some other “Windows” statistics of interest:

WindowsXP – 54%
Windows Vista – 10%
Windows 7 – 24% (and rising)

We’ve been using Windows 7 for some time and give it two thumbs up. Technically support from Microsoft for WindowsXP ended in 2009 and will not be available at all after 2014. If you are not currently using Windows 7, next time you buy a new computer or upgrade you should expect to start.  And no matter what you do we don’t recommend buying or using Vista.