WordPress.org has over 13,000 plugins listed that are available for WordPress users to download and install.  There is no way we can cover all of them but we’ve found a few that are very useful.  So in no particular order here are a few of our favorites.

Enhanced Meta Widget – This plugin replaces the meta sidebar included with WordPress, and displays links based upon user roles.  If a user is not logged in can present a log-in form or simple link to the standard login page, as well as a link to register (if allowed in site settings).

Random Posts Within Date Range – This plugin allows you to create a widget that will display the title/date/excerpt from random posts in a specified(or open-ended) date range.  Customizable to show a specific number of posts, an excerpt length, options to use relative time (within the past ‘x’ timeframe), and more.

Display Widgets – This plugin allows you to control what pages a widget will appear on.  By default widgets appear on all pages.  This plugin gives you the option to show specific widgets on specific pages, only show to logged in members, and more.

AmberPanther Favicon for WordPress – This plugin allows you to add a Favicon (also known as favorites icon, website icon, shortcut icon, url icon, or bookmark icon) to your WordPress powered site.  It supports ICO, PNG and GIF formats.

WordPress has grown on us a lot over the past few weeks and it doesn’t sound like we’re the only ones. According to their stats page some 17.6 million WordPress sites are online right now including Techcrunch, CNN, and the NFL.  We’ve made a few WordPress sites ourself and plan on converting some other sites soon.