A little less then a month ago we converted TheComputerBoy.com from using the e107 content management system to a WordPress blog.  I’m still waiting for the big one to hit because so far the transition was amazingly easy.  So easy in fact that I’ve moved a couple of the other websites we manage over to a WordPress based blog as well.

A note about WordPress for those that haven’t used it before.   WordPress.com is a commercial website that allows you to create a blog which will be up and running, hosted on their servers within minutes.  You receive a “WordPress” website address like yourblogname.wordpress.com and have the ability to post basic blog entries online for free.  Unfortunately most of the upgrades on the .com service cost money.

WordPress.org is the site where you can obtain a copy of the software for free.  The catch is you provide your own web hosting, setup and support.  The “upgrades” in this model are usually free because you have to provide them yourself.

Many hosting services (TheComputerBoy.com included) offer “one click” installations of WordPress.  This basically installs the software available from WordPress.org into a folder (or even the main domain) on your hosting account. With a one click installation you don’t have to worry about setting up and linking the necessary MySQL database, configuring any PHP settings or setting file permissions.


There are thousands of pre-made themes you can have setup in WordPress.  Unlike e107 where each theme had to be uploaded via FTP or some other process, WordPress allows you to search for and install themes from the administration panel.


Plugins are additional coding that can be added to a base installation.  Each plugin usually has one specific purpose which modifies or expands the default options. Plugins may be as simple as changing a logo or can be complex like installing a social networking option where members can “friend” each other, send messages to each other, etc.  So far everything that I was able to do in e107 has been an option or a Plugin in WordPress.  More on our favorite plugins later.


We don’t need to summarize WordPress.  Install it.  Try it.  We think you’ll find it worth your time.

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