whyteensfail.com** UPDATE – The co-author ultimately asked me to merge his two sites together. I was able to take all of the news updates from WTF-WithTheFuzz.com and add them to a newly updated WhyTeensFail.com***

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We could list a few more acronyms for WTF but today its all about our newest customer –  WTF-WithTheFuzz.com!

The website contains blog postings from a co-author of an upcoming book titled WTF:  Why Teens Fail.  The book has topics from various experts, including, teachers, cops, social workers, traumatologists, and more, all designed to entertain and educate parents of teens.

The author, a police officer in Arizona, did a weekly presentation for students during their lunch period called Friday With the Fuzz.  The website discusses various topics to parents, teachers and students about online safety.

Check it out yourself…http://www.wtf-withthefuzz.com