If you are interested in looking at websites of yesterday the archives located at www.waybackmachine.org are a fun start.  The website offers a simple input box where you type in the name of the website you are interested in learning about.   You are then presented the option to look at the “latest” / oldest archive on file or “display all” of the archived copies.

It is important to note not every change of a website is recorded.  The software used by WayBackMachine “crawls” websites to determine changes that have occurred since the last crawl.  These updates happen at different intervals and can even be blocked by websites so changes are frequently missed.  Although not every page and every change is recorded their website indicates the archive of pages goes all the way back to 1996 and includes around 10 billion web pages!

WayBackMachine.org is a beta version of the original Web Archives.  The newer beta version is supposed to start taking and showing data collected with the Web Archives but our test searches have found more information available at the original Web Archives.

www.waybackmachine.orgwww.archive.org (or advanced searches)