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A few years ago a 19 inch computer monitor was huge…and expensive. Today it is becoming harder and harder to find a monitor smaller than 19 inches. Laptops seem to be heading back to smaller “netbook” sizes however it is not uncommon to find a 15-17 inch laptop screen as well. Unfortunately sometimes larger monitor sizes mean smaller font sizes.

An option most people seem to know about but often overlook (no pun intended) is the ability to zoom their browser window. What a lot of people don’t realize is you can zoom the overall browser window or just the text.

In Internet Explorer click on the “Page” drop down menu and select the “Zoom” option for settings to zoom the whole browser in or out.  You may also just zoom the text by selecting the “Text Size” option. You can also use the keyboard for overall zooming by pressing Control and + to zoom in or Control and – to zoom out.

In Firefox click on the “View” drop down menu then select the “Zoom” option. This will give you options for the whole browser or just text size.  The Control + to zoom in and Control – to zoom out keyboard shortcuts also work for whole browser zooming.

The Google Chrome browser gives similar options.  Control + to zoom in, Control – to zoom out.  You can also find the zoom settings in the “View” drop down menu.

For the advanced readers who want to set and save custom zoom levels for different sites, pick up more tips at http://news.cnet.com/8301-13880_3-10429926-68.html